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The Chillicothe Education Foundation is the parent organization of CHS Alumni Association and Cavalier Endowment Scholarship Fund.

Mission Statement for Chillicothe Education Foundation
The Chillicothe Education Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation. Our mission is to provide financial support for scholarships and enriched educational programs for the staff and students of Chillicothe City Schools.

Vision Statement for Chillicothe Education Foundation
Our vision is to prepare and challenge our students for the 21st Century by the year 2001. We will provide projects that include scholarships, chairs of excellence, classroom projects preschool-12, and capital improvements. We will accomplish our vision by establishing an endowment of $500,000 through various financial streams.

Officers & Board Members Effective 07/28/2015

         Chairman: Tamra Hitchens Lowe, '84

         Vice Chairman: David Blosser '67

         Treasurer: John L Wilson '58

         Secretary: Linda Byers Hill '69

         Board Members: Toni Harris '68, Julie Coleman-Park '93, Thomas Spetnagel Jr. '00, Jim Crabtree "66 Cheri Shipley '66, Kelley Deavers '73, Robert Hitchens '82


In the year2015 the Chillicothe Education Foundation established the Cavalier Endowment Scholarship Fund. This fund enables future CHS graduates to pursue postsecondary education and to support faculty of Chillicothe City Schools who want to continue their scholarly pursuits.

A question to be asked is "How strong is the current that runs between a child and a community?" As alumni, we were enlightened by our years at Chillicothe High School . Special teachers who took the time to ignite our love of learning inspired us. In gratitude, we can brighten the lamp of learning and help CHS graduates & Chillicothe City Schools faculty achieve their scholarly dreams.

For many CHS students and faculty, financial restrictions curtail these dreams. The Chillicothe community and alumni of Chillicothe High School can provide a greater source of illumination that will linger in a graduate long after the initial flame is ignited. We want to encourage students to look beyond their high school years and faculty to continue their pursuit of learning. The Cavalier Endowment will provide substantial scholarships to CHS graduates and faculty.

Gifts and bequests will be managed and invested by Board of Trustees and Cavalier Endowment Treasurer as specified by the CEF. When assets reach $500,000 interest monies will begin funding scholarships. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund may be made in single payment, yearly pledge, and through wills, trusts and insurance policies. Some individuals may qualify for tax advantages since CEF is a 501(c) (3) corporation to which gifts are tax deductible. The CEF will be happy to provide additional tax information. Donors should also discuss their plans with their personal legal and financial consultants.

Contact the Chillicothe Education Foundation for more information at 421 Yoctangee Pkwy. , Chillicothe , OH 45601 or call (740) 702-2287 ext 16277, Linda Byers Hill or cell # 740 998-2611

         If CHS students know they can receive substantial scholarships from their community, they are likely to be motivated to excel in academics.

         Financial support by alumni will help Chillicothe City School faculty realize their hopes and dreams for continuing scholarly pursuits.

         Support for academic achievement can radiate through the entire Chillicothe community, increasing respect for citizenry.

         A well-educated community provides a strong economic base on which future generations will build.

         When people hear the name Chillicothe High School , we want them to think of scholarship.